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Package holidays go back as far back as 1841, when Thomas Cook arranged a service from Leicester to Loughborough by chartering a train for a rally. However, it wasn't until 1950 when the Horizon Holiday Group arranged the first package holiday, as we know it, from Gatwick to Corsica. During the late 50s and 1960s, the package holiday became cheaper allowing more middle class citizens to holiday overseas to destinations such as Majorca, Crete and the Algarve but disaster shock the travel industry, for the first time, on 14 August 1974 when Court Line, who traded as Horizons and Clarksons, collapsed leaving nearly 50,000 UK holidaymakers abroad and up to 100,000 people losing deposits. Following further major collapses including the International Leisure Group in 1991, whose trading names included Intasun, Lancaster Holidays, Global Holidays and Club 18-30, the Package Travel Regulations of 1992 created greater protection for the consumer.

During the 90s and early 2000s, package holidays (arranged by a tour operator and sold by travel agents), hit another boom with the growing number of all-inclusive holidays. However, as tour operators tried to under-cut the travel agent by offering discounted prices by selling direct to the consumer, travel agents found a new way of competing with these tactics. Formerly known as an independent holiday, the Dynamic Package was born.

A Dynamic Package is the travel trade term for a flight only booking and an accommodation only booking sold to create a holiday. Today, this is a common way to book a holiday to fit the consumer demands and flexibility as package holidays are generally one or two week durations. However, the major difference between a traditional package holiday and a dynamic package holiday is that you have additional protection with a tour operator package with the support of holiday reps overseas. All packages are now protected regardless of the type of package that includes a flight and accommodation.

Another main point to a package holiday is the price you are quoted for holiday is the price you will be and there will be no extra charges for flight increases as in hidden costs from low cost airlines. Cheap package holidays give customers the freedom to book a late deal holiday or even plan forthcoming holidays and one of the main advantages is being able to pay a deposit for the family which makes it easier for people. During holidays they will also have the option to book any excursions available through their holiday rep and has always proven popular with customers, as they are organised trips.

There are many different operators that offer fully protected package holidays and each have different offers available to accommodate all clientele and most of all give them peace of mind and the freedom to pay for it.

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