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Patong Holidays

Patong Holiday Deals

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Patong Holidays

Patong holidays transport you to the west coast of Thailand's beautiful island Phuket. Holidays to Patong can be taken at any time of year as the average temperature is thirty degrees. This rises to mid-thirties at the height of the season. Although there is a rainy season which lasts from June to October, precipitation never feels so bad when it is warm. Holidays in Patong are very popular with young adults as it is the liveliest resort on the island. It also appeals to the gay community as it has many gay venues.

Cheap Holidays To Patong

We have a number of cheap Patong holidays which may tempt those on a restricted budget. They are considered to be superb value as our commitment to quality and service never wavers. With good accommodation and restaurants catering for all, our low cost Patong holidays are sure to please. Phuket has some stunning beaches and the Patong beach is no exception. It is however rather busy, with hawkers attempting to sell goods and services. The clear water provides ideal conditions for weak swimmers and a variety of water sports are offered. There are shops and markets supplying all your holiday needs, including souvenirs and gifts. If you are looking for a tropical paradise with fun-filled days followed by dusk to dawn entertainment, check out our bargain Patong holidays and you could soon be on your way.

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