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Thailand Holidays

Thailand Holiday Deals

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Thailand Holidays

Thailand holidays take you to south east Asia, to a country known as the land of smiles as where ever you are, you will always be given a warm and friendly welcome. The reason for Thailand's popularity lies not only in its exotic reputation but in its great geographic diversity. Thailand holidays have so much to offer. With mountains ideal for trekkers, forests with elephant trails, caves and waterfalls, a coastline dotted with islands for beach lovers, bustling towns and cities, and a plethora of tourist attractions and recreational activities, they really do have something for everyone. In recent years, Thailand's tourist industry has boomed and modern complexes and hotels offer superb accommodation and high levels of service.

Cheap Holidays to Thailand

Yet it is still possible to find a cheap Thailand holiday and we are here to help. Bangkok, the capital, has such a reputation that many visitors can not resist its allure, and choose to have the best of both worlds by combining days spent sightseeing in the city, with a beach holiday. Whatever you choose; be it the exciting and vibrant city with its temples and gardens, shops and huge markets and its heaving nightlife, or fabulous beaches that look like they've come from a film set, with the softest of sand and azure seas; a Thailand holiday will be one to remember.

Thai cuisine is influenced by India, China and Malaysia, and is a fantastic blend of herbs and spices. Although there are many hot dishes, there are many more delicately spiced, aromatic dishes that delight the palate. Gastronomes will be delighted by both the choice and quality of the food and by the fact that they don't have to eat in a fine restaurant to enjoy a meal. Street sellers also provide delicious snacks from their stalls.

Climate in Thailand

Thailand has a tropical climate so temperatures remain around thirty degrees centigrade throughout the year. The rainy season is from July to October and during this time the humidity can be oppressive especially in the towns and cities. If you are looking for winter sun, a cheap Thailand holiday may be just the ticket.

Whatever you want from a holiday, we will help you find the one that provides the best value for money. Use the search facility above to find your cheap Thailand holiday and you can soon be basking on glistening sands and cooling off in the clearest of waters.