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Indonesia Holidays

With close to twenty thousands islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It lies on both sides of the equator between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Spread over such a large area, the islands have a diverse landscape as well as diverse cultures. The latter continues to cause problems in certain areas.�

Holidays to Indonesia.

The influences here are are from an amalgamation of Malaya and India and as a former colony of Holland, there is also a Dutch influence. Indonesia holidays have much to offer and therefore appeal to a wide variety of tourist. There are those who seek relaxation on tropical beaches or those who wish to visit the vibrant capital, Jakarta. Then there are the more active visitors who enjoy the great outdoors. For them Indonesia is all about trekking into the forests or climbing mountains, playing golf or indulging in the great number of water sports. Bali is an idyllic island and has a romantic reputation. It is a popular choice for those wishing to marry on the beach as well as those looking for an exotic honeymoon location. The islands have two seasons, wet and dry. April to October is the dry season and November to March is the wet. It is always warm unless you plan to take a trip to the mountains.

Where to go in Indonesia?

Most visitors travel to either Bali or Java. Java is home to the big cities and the capital is located there. The contrast between rich and poor is huge and is all too obvious in the large cities where there are many street beggars. Bogor, forty miles from Jakarta, is famous for its botanical gardens and presidential palace.

Bali, the island of the gods is all about sun, sand and sea. It is a very picturesque island with many Hindu temples and monuments. Its beaches are its main attraction and water sports abound. There are plenty of children's attractions with a zoo, an elephant park, a safari park and a bird park.�

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