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Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Sep 2023 - €400 - - €344 €322
Oct 2023 - €178 - - €112 €114
Nov 2023 - €144 - - €89 €89
Dec 2023 - €189 - - €115 €118
Jan 2024 - €182 - - €110 €105
Feb 2024 - €184 - - €110 €105
Mar 2024 - - - - - -
Apr 2024 - - - - - -
May 2024 - - - - - -
Jun 2024 - - - - - -
Jul 2024 - - - - - -
Aug 2024 - - - - - -
Italy HolidaysItaly as a country is considered by many to be the jewel of Europe. The many regions that make up Italy each have a charm and beauty of their own. In historical terms these regions have only recently been united having come together as a nation in 1861. This explains the very many differences in character, culture and cuisine of the regions which all add to Italy's appeal. To decide on a destination, you need to ask yourself what it is you want from an Italy holiday. It may be visiting cultural centres, walking in hills and mountains or lazing on sandy beaches.

Pizza & Pasta are always on the menu

Don't forget to take the islands of Sardinia and Sicily into your considerations. Whichever you choose, you'll find a cheap Italy holiday to suit. In the north of the country you'll find the Italian Lakes in an area of outstanding natural beauty. In the north east you can visit the truly unique city of Venice with its magnificent architecture, its waterways, and its wonderful works of art. Close by is the Venetian Riviera with wonderful sandy beaches offering pleasant bathing. If its beaches you are after, the Neapolitan Riviera has rocky coves and beaches, and the islands are perfect spots for those wishing to relax by the sea. Italian city breaks are very popular and can be enjoyed at any time of year. If you are visiting Rome, early and late season is best as the city can become extremely hot in the middle of summer.

Italian food is renowned for its tastiness which is why, wherever you are in the world, you can always order pasta and pizza. However, Italian cuisine has much more to offer and each region has its own speciality. Be adventurous, give your taste buds a treat and you'll enjoy the experience. Italy also produces fine wines.

With many low cost airlines flying from regional airports, and with a flight time of two hours thirty minutes, Italy holidays avoid the hassle of a long and complicated journey. Something to consider when you are travelling with children.

There� is so much to see and do in this wonderful country that one holiday will never be enough.
Although Italy is considered to be an expensive country, it is still possible, with the help of our search facility at the top of the page, to find a cheap Italy holiday that offers good value for money. To avoid disappointment, book today.